The Story of Alyssa Vanston Photography

Hi Everyone!

So Let's start with the basics: I am Alyssa, I am 32, I am an art teacher, I'm a photographer, fitness addict,I'm a small town girl from York,PA, and a lover of all things art. I am extremely extroverted and have a large personality.

Alright got that covered now onto how did I get here? Well I have always been creative. My childhood neighbor was really into woodworking and painting so I was always begging her to cut me out something so I could paint it. I took every art class imaginable throughout my grade school years, especially high school, and then continuing on to Penn State to study Art Education.

For the past 10 year I have been the K-8 Art teacher at a local Elementary school in Pittsburgh. In college I really focused on painting and ceramics it has not been until more recently that I have gotten into the photography world. It was always something I was interested but finally took the plunge and invested in myself by purchasing my first DSLR camera. What really made me eager to learn more about photography is when I met Tyler Norman. He photographed my husband and I's engagement photos in 2018. This made me see a whole different perspective to photography. The side where you get to interact, communicate, meet new people, and possibly make new friends. I knew at this point I really wanted to start photographing people and capturing moments.

So I took a basic DSLR classic at a local art studio, read the book Understanding Exposure, and met with Tyler to pick his brain about all things photo. After that I started second shooting with him and taught me everything I know today. Second shooting at weddings has been the most exciting thing! Capturing each couples genuine love story and most important moments in life honestly brings joy to my own life! So here I am today on this new adventure that I absolutely love with support from my husband Ryan, family, and friends. I hope you join me!



Victoria & Lucas

“Alyssa did our engagement and wedding photos. She took the time to get to know us, making Lucas comfortable in front of the camera. I am beyond happy with Alyssa's amazing work. You see Alyssa's art through our photos, but she was able to enhance my vision. Staying true to the romantic style/vibe I was looking for, as seen in our photos.Alyssa was professional, funny, and authentic every step of the way! Not only did she capture amazing photos, but she made the process enjoyable for us! Highly recommended!”

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